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"I’ve been reticent to write a recommendation about Denise because in an industry only as great as its people, Denise is our competitive advantage. She’s our best kept secret. She cares about people and understands them like no other. But that’s not all, she’s also a great match-maker and finds the right home for the right talent. Our secret is out."

Damien Le Castrec, CSO Droga5 London

"Denise is the best strategic headhunter in London. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of candidates she has put forward. Her understanding of the market and her ability to foster ongoing relationships with the best talent is second to none. However, Denise is more than a recruitment consultant - throughout my career she has acted as a sounding board, confidante and a guide. Even in situations when I hadn't been thinking of moving but instead needed advice or a mentor she was able to put me in touch with some of the best minds in London, and it is this that really sets her apart. You feel like she has her eyes on the long game of her candidates achieving the best they can in their careers rather than the short game of commissions."

Ed Warren – CCO, Sunshine

"Denise took a punt on me 15 years ago, helping me make the move from client side into planning. Over the years she has taken the time to get to know me, to understand my needs and worked with me to find the right roles. She is honest, open and says it as it is, striking the right balance of being both supportive and challenging. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Cat Wiles – CSO, Lucky Generals London

"I have worked with Denise for many years, first as a candidate, and then as someone seeking candidates. In each instance, Denise was an exceptional partner, bringing expertise, insight and a deep understanding of what I needed. As a candidate, I found her empathetic, warm, and patient, and the same qualities were abundant when I worked with her in the opposite role. Whether you are looking for a great job for yourself, or a great planner for your team, Denise should be your first – and in fact your only – call!"

Jessica Summerfield - Head of Planning, Arnold NY

"I have known Denise for many years as both a headhunter extraordinaire and active supporter of the APG.  Denise is genuinely interested in people and what makes them tick.  She has a fantastic ability to tease out their strengths.  She is generous with her time and advice. I have most definitely benefited from her sincere words of wisdom over the years.  And from the perspective of a CSO, she has an excellent nose for brilliant candidates which really helps the recruitment process. Denise knows her stuff and really cares, which makes her such a pleasure to work with and so good at her job!" 

Vicki Holgate - Former Executive Strategy Director, MullenLowe London

"I have had the pleasure of working with Denise for more than 20 years now. She has been instrumental in my placement with some of the top agencies in the world both directly and indirectly, and for becoming the type of leader I am today. I have worked in San Francisco, New York and London and throughout all this time, Denise was only a phone call away when I needed objective advice on my career and its development. I have been responsible for instigating a search with Denise as well as being represented by her. As such, I can assure you of the high standards that Denise works to from the type of candidate she represents through to the type of company/agency she places people in. I wish her continued success and would like you to know that you're in good hands."

Pele Cortizo-Burgess - US CSO, Initiative

"Denise is head and shoulders above most any recruiter I’ve ever worked with, as both a candidate and an agency leader looking for talent. She takes the time to not only vet the candidates but deeply understand the culture and expectations of the agency. She is focused on true fit, not quick fixes. She ensures success for all parties involved. She creates an environment of regular and transparent communication that leads to greater success. She also guarantees that her candidates arrive well-prepared by taking the time to equip them with resource materials in advance of the interview. I have never heard of anyone going through such great lengths for their talent. Not only is she extraordinary at her work, she is a kind, thoughtful and caring person that makes her a joy to know, not just work with. I count myself lucky that I have had Denise in my corner for the past few years and recommend her highly to anyone looking for the right opportunity to grow their career or grow their department."

Jess Roubadeaux – CSO, Lucky Generals NYC

"I have found many planners through Denise. I love that she has taken the time to understand the qualities that I admire in great planners both at a senior level and a junior level. She has never sent me someone simply because they are looking for a job. Denise knows my team, she knows the characteristics and skill set that I am looking for, and she is quick to identify people who will build our planning strength. Denise is always the first person I go to when I have a position that needs to be filled anywhere in the world."

Sandy Thompson - Former WW Planning Director, Y&R

"In my experience, no one understands what makes a great planner more than Denise. She never wastes my time with inappropriate candidates and has a very useful yet uncanny knack of knowing what I will make of them. Denise is also brilliantly proactive, with an eye for the kind of talented, spirited planners we all want to work with. Denise also has more integrity than almost anyone else I have met in this industry. She is unerringly honest and has helped me on numerous occasions when I was not sure how best to approach a situation. I could not recommend Denise more highly, either to prospects or to potential recruiters."

George Bryant - Founding Partner, Brooklyn Brothers

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